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I look back across my life and see times of radiant flames, and others of smokey ashes. But mostly I see embers. Embers that teased of the possibilities, that glowed with potential; that spoke of a might-have-been fire that only needed to be fanned and fed.

Embers One is a year-long project for fanning those flames. With a new song every couple of weeks I hope you can join along with this music journal.

Use the links at the bottom to connect, and the email is there for booking, song permissions or other info.

I write and perform everything, and it means a lot to share all of this with you.

—Robert Conlon

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You can support this project by purchasing songs through Amazon or Gumroad, or streaming through Spotify or Apple Music (or anyplace else you can find embers one)!

It also means a lot when you share!

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